Wyland - Whale Tail

Today’s inspiration – a fabulous image created by Wyland. Some day I am going to be able to own an original of his, but for now I make do with posters and reprints. The power of his work speaks to me, no matter the format, and makes me wish that I had even a tenth of his creativity. Not that I can imagine being able to create the beautiful pictures that he does, I do much better with words, but he never fails to inspire me!

I spent much of today alone, which was an interesting way to spend my birthday. It came around a lot quicker than I imagined it would this year and I just didn’t have the energy to spend on others. I’m happy to say that the day went well, I spent the majority of it cleaning out boxes that I should have gone through ages ago. I’m not done yet, but I do feel like I’ve achieved some semblance of moving towards a clutter free existence.

LOL – not sure I will ever get to a clutter free existence, if I’m being honest with myself! But I am moving forward in my determination to de-clutter my external surroundings in the hope that it will help me to also de-clutter my mental surroundings. Clear out the cobwebs, shake loose the bats, and begin a new journey.

In the meantime, I’m continuing to write. Although the last few days entries seem more like a verbal purge of random chaos than any semblance of order, but once the purge is over and the cobwebs have blown away I’m positive that my writing will make a bit more sense. At least I certainly hope that is the case!