The weekend passed in a haze. It’s always a drag to wake up on Monday morning and realize that whatever I had planned for the weekend didn’t get done. Of course working all weekend didn’t help my To Do list but it will help pay the bills. And I have the best parents in the world because while I was working 10 hours yesterday they were putting together my kitchen pantry. It was a wonderful surprise to come home to and will be even more exciting once I get all the food transferred to it. Which in turn will give me space for my scrapbooking stuff and is one step closer to having a clean and organized house!


This is my mantra for today. I fully intend to live in the moment and think happy thoughts all day so that I will get to the end of the chaos sooner! If I’m lucky Tinkerbell will come and sprinkle me with pixie dust so I can sail away to Neverland. If that doesn’t work then it will just be getting through the day and getting back to the To Do list when I return. Especially since graduate school starts again next week so my days are about to get even more complex.