I’m so nervous. I’ve been awake for hours and that is going to make for a really, really long day. But it will all be worth it if my interview today results in a promotion! I plan to do my best, I believe I’m exactly what the position is looking for – now I just have to prove it!

In the meantime I’m trying to focus on my writing this morning…but my mind keeps wandering. School is going well, for the first week, but we will see how it goes as the quarter progresses.

Its going to be a wonderful weekend. I’m spending time with family tomorrow and lets hope I don’t have to work tomorrow night. Though I guess it won’t be too bad if I do. I just don’t want cut my visit with family short.

Guess I’d better get focused and start getting ready for the day. The sooner I get going the quicker I get to my interview and hopefully to the start of my new future!