Ever gotten your hopes up, just to have them dashed to the floor and ground into dust? I know I’m not the only one I the world to feel this way but I didn’t realize exactly how much I was counting on this opportunity until it was taken away. A part of me believes that a better opportunity is waiting but it’s hard to hold onto that belief right at this moment. Tomorrow is another day and I can only hope that I feel better once I wake up. Guess I’ll find out when the morning comes.

Chalk it up one more bump in this road of my life, I guess. Not much I can do to change the outcome. I did the best I can but apparently I’m not quite what the position was looking for. God, I hate that smarmy politically correct verbiage. It’s almost worse than just being honest and saying you aren’t a good job fit. Or as I like to think of it “I’m sorry you suck…please play again later”. Not that you can say that…you might offend someone and we wouldn’t want that to happen.