Castle and Tree 07.02_edited-1_marked

It has been a good day, but long. Someday soon I’m really going to need to sleep more than about 4 hours a night. In the meantime I’ve been playing around with my new Photoshop Elements software. I’m by no means an expert but it’s been fun so far. And I like being able to alter my photos – making them something entirely new. Or at least I will be able to do that, eventually. For today I started out simple, just playing around with colors and layers. This is not even one of my best photos, though I do like the composition. It’s one I wasn’t afraid of losing, if I screwed it up! I don’t think it came out too bad and I have no doubt that I will get better with practice.

What I like most about this process, even as I am sometimes frustrated by my lack of skill in using the software, is the creativity that it allows me. Seeing things change before my eyes and knowing that it all depends on my desires is an interesting feeling. In a world that feels like it is out of control, it’s nice to know that there are some things that I can hang on to!