On this New Year’s Day 2016 I’ve spent a good chunk of time thinking about what I want to achieve this year. Not resolutions, because I never keep those, but goals. What are my intentions for the 365 days that will make up this part of my life?

I haven’t got all the intentions figured out, yet, but I know one of them. I am going to spend time, every day in 2016, writing. It may be posts on this blog, or part of my new project – 365 Tiny Thoughts, or it may be focused on the novel I am writing. I have let distractions keep me from the page in 2015, and years prior, but I will never reach my goals if I continue to do that.  I must make the choice between what I “should” do and what I “must” do – and it’s time to choose “must” for myself.

This is going to be a challenge for me this year. And I expect that there will be days that I won’t want to choose. Days when I will want to be lazy. Or when I’m too tired or frustrated to choose myself and my goals. I am making plans to maintain my motivation and even more important, get myself moving when I wander off the path.

Today is a good start to becoming the person that I want to be. The person that I know I can be. And I’m going to take that momentum and get back to determining my goals for 2016.

Until next time, my fearless travel companions, enjoy the magic and wonder that appears in your day.