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August 2017

Raindrops are falling…

I love the rain.


The way it smells. The rhythmic sound of the drops steadily falling on the roof. The tap, tapping, as the wind blows them against the glass of the windows. It’s beautiful. I always feel refreshed after the rain. Like it somehow replenished my creative mojo while wiping the world clean. 

Eros, on the other hand, not as much a fan of the rain. Although the Cone of Shame does keep some of the drops out of his face he’s not impressed. Once the rain stops and he can play in the mud puddles he will be all over it.

Until then, he’s having a conversation with the thunder. I’m not sure what they are saying to one another but thunder crashes and he barks. Then he barks again and the thunder responds. It’s rather funny truth be told. 

So, I’ll sit here in the doorway and watch the rain while he has his conversations. It’s a glorious way to spend the evening!


Roller coaster ride

Job hunting is a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you are up and sometimes it feels like the coaster is running over you. This afternoon has been the later. 

So I went looking for something to pick up my spirits. And I found it in one of my favorite comedians – Jeff Dunham.


If you’ve never had a chance to see him in action I highly recommend it. Both in person and his televised specials are hysterical. 

My favorite character is Peanut. Gotta love a purple ape with green hair and only one shoe! 

🎥 How Does Peanut Take His Starbucks Coffee? | Unhinged In Hollywood | JEFF DUNHAM

Hope you enjoy a small taste of his comedy!


Marshmallow Fluff

Had lunch today with a dear lady who always inspires me. She never gives up. She works hard every day to improve her life, take care of her kids, and be a better person than she was the day before.

While we were having lunch we had a discussion about how people can get by on charm and looks for a while but eventually they have to step up and be real. That’s when those who are filled with nothing but marshmallow fluff disintegrate. And they hurt those who care for them because of their actions. Actions they don’t even recognize as being selfish or hurtful. 

It’s hard to remember, when those choices hurt us, that we can’t control them. We can only control ourselves and the choices that we make. As my friend reminded me today:

“It’s always better to take the high road. Even when there is a tiny piece inside that wants to sink to their level.”

Just because they are fluff inside doesn’t mean that we should be. We should be working every day to improve ourselves, not letting the challenges that are part of our life diminish our strength. We are better than that because we choose to be better!


Cone of Shame

My poor puppy Eros had surgery today and is currently wearing the Cone of Shame. 

August 2017
He is not a happy guy. But seeing him navigating the house with his cone got me to thinking. How many of us go through our daily lives wearing our own Cone of Shame? Invisible to the eyes of others but affecting our choices nonetheless.

I know that I’ve worn one in the past. When I’m doing something my conscience tells me not to. Or when I don’t live up to the standards I’ve set for myself. How about you?

The hardest part, I think, is recognizing when we are letting the cone affect us. When the cone is obstructing our vision and our emotions we don’t see things clearly. We let the everything filter through the cone and that skews the decisions that we make.

We are luckier than my puppy, we can take off our cones anytime we want to. We just have to remember that we are never going to be perfect. And that is perfectly okay.

We don’t want to be like Eros…Wearing the Cone of Shame and just standing still for fear of moving in any direction. 

We won’t ever get anywhere if that’s all we do. And there are so many wonderful things to see and do in our world.


Money, money, money…

Well, I didn’t win the Powerball. Of course, I didn’t play so that was probably the problem. 😜

Anyway, I ran across this tidbit from Dave Ramsey and it made me think. It’s fun to dream about winning the lottery and what I would do with that kind of money, but to Dave’s point it wouldn’t actually fix the issue. If you are a spender, like me, as opposed to a saver you will still be a spender. Just have more money to spend – which could be fun for a while. I’d love to be able to go shopping and not have to worry about the cost of things, but that’s not my reality. 

So as usual, I will continue to pay my bills and imagine the fun to be had with untold wealth. And I will do more to control my money instead of it controlling me. How else will I be able to go on vacation?

It’s ironic that the only time I am good at saving money is when I am working towards a trip but that is the way my brain works. I need that tangible prize at the end in order to put the money aside. Good thing I love planning and taking vacations. 🏝


Time spent with family….

I love spending time with my family. We always have a wonderful time whether we are BBQing in the backyard or out on the town.

Today we had some yummy BBQ and then headed into town, so it’s the best of both worlds. My sister and her family introduced me to the Pikes Peak Lemonade Company – which was amazing. I’ve had good lemonade before but this was fantastic. 🍋 An enjoyable time was had by all of us and it was good for my soul to watch my niece and nephew play after we had our lemonades. 

I’d forgotten how much watching kids play can raise your spirits. It’s amazing the way that their imaginations can run from one spark to another and they can make connections that most of us would never consider. So much fun and I got some great ideas for new stories that I can’t wait to write. 


Happy Birthday in Heaven Grandma W.

Today would be my Grandma’s birthday.

This a picture of her and her brother Herb from earlier this year. I miss her every day, but especially today. 

She taught me about our family’s history because she was an avid genealogist. Hell, she taught all of us about the history of the family going back for many generations.

She also taught me how to garden. Or in my case, how to kill plants since gardening has never been a strong suit of mine. 🥀

Grandma taught me about love and showed me the strength that can be found in faith. She showed me how much we can all grow from volunteering – the Colorado State Fair was one of her favorites. And she showed me what it was like to love someone forever because she never stopped loving my Grandfather.

She is an inspiration to me, always.


What can I say?

I’m at a loss for words tonight. The worst place to be for a writer. 😳 But I’m determined to find something inspirational in each day and to share it here. 

So I’m just going to share some of the pictures / quotes I’ve found in the last day or so. These were not created by me but they made me think. 



To get my writing juices flowing this morning I started with a picture prompt. This picture specifically:


I didn’t take this picture, so all credit goes to the photographer. I’m not even sure where this house is, but I love the way it looks. The round tower. The wrap-around porch. The beautiful windows. And the decorations for the holiday, mostly snow covered, but that just adds to the charm.

My story for this picture took us inside, so we could be guests of this place. But which room do we stay in? And what details will be found within each room – each nook and cranny? Can you imagine staying in such a place? And what if the rooms were all magic? Or maybe not magic in themselves but what if each room lead to a different world? So many possibilities to explore and enjoy.

And there is the simpler story line of who lives there now? What kind of challenges do they have to keep the place as beautiful and functional as it looks in this picture? If this is where they live all the time where do they go on vacation? Someplace more grand – although I don’t know where that would be – or someplace simple, like camping?

We can all look at this one picture and come up with a thousand different stories. That’s how we are as people too. We are layers upon layers of decisions, choices, and consequences – not just ours but our families, our friends, and the strangers whose lives intersect with ours. And although its easy to see one picture and assume that our story is the correct one, life is never that simple. So we can’t imagine that the people that our part of our lives are simple either.

I hope that you are open to finding something new and interesting in the people in your life. You never know what amazing things might be just around the corner. Especially, within the layers that make up you!


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