I brought home a new book today – Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dragonsworn. I can’t wait to get started because I love her writing. But I’m trying to declutter my house. Which means that bringing home new books, when I already have so many, is not helping the clutter to leave my house.

I read somewhere that if you want to have less stuff in your house that you should take 2 things out for every new item that you bring in. I’m trying to implement this process in my house, mostly unsuccessfully so far, but I’m trying! So I came home with a new book and I thought – okay – now to find 2 books that I can donate to the library.

I spent the next hour on the floor next to the bookshelves going through books. I found some that I haven’t read in forever that I still love, and some that I just finished recently that I want to read again. What I did not find was 2 that I wanted to part with. So now what do I do? How do I decide what to give away if every book I pick up I love?

I spent another hour going through more books because once I got started I wanted to see what else I could find. And I kept hoping that I’d find 2 that I could give away. For those of you that know me well you probably already guessed what happened…That’s right, I never did find any books to give away. After two hours of looking at the books I decided I was ready for a break and I had the new book calling my name from downstairs. I needed to find somethings to give away and quick!

Luckily, I didn’t have any trouble finding two T-shirts that I didn’t wear any more. They will be going to the Goodwill tomorrow. Tonight, I’m going to enjoy my new book and maybe think about sleeping…but most likely I’ll still be reading when the sun comes up!