As I mentioned previously, I’m trying to declutter my house this summer. Actually, this seems like it is always a goal of mine, so you’d think I’d be better at it by now! Still, I’ll get there eventually. It’s all about the baby steps – at least that’s what I tell myself.

Today’s quote jumped off the screen at me when I was searching for something unrelated this morning. It inspires me to look at my belongings in a different way. I’m guilty of being quick to buy something new rather than reuse or fix something I already own. And because of the clutter I sometimes have duplicates of random things because I couldn’t find the one I already owned. And how ridiculous is that?

After catching the spark of energy from this quote this morning I started back in the closet that I was working in yesterday. And I’ve got three more bags of clothes from the closet and dresser to take to Goodwill.

Now the challenge for tomorrow is to keep the momentum going. I’m not sure what tomorrow’s inspiration will be but I know that I’ll be working to lighten the load of stuff that is residing in my house. Tomorrow’s goal = 4 bags to be donated!