I love fantasy art. Actually, I love fantasy in all forms – fiction, art, movies, music, – it’s all wonderful. One of my favorite fantasy artists is Nene Thomas. Her artwork is beyond amazing and she has a wide assortment of figures that she has created: Dragon Witches, Carousel horses, and the characters from her Zarryiostrom novels. The depth and detail to her paintings boggles the mind and whenever she comes out with something new I want it! Of course, if I had all of the art I wanted I’d need a museum sized house and an infinite supply of money.

If you have never had a chance to view her work take a peek. It’s amazing the emotions and the journey that a fabulous piece of art can take us on. And if fantasy art isn’t your cup of tea that’s not a problem – the world is filled with wonderful art, we just have to be smart enough to recognize it!