Today’s been a great day! I got to have lunch with a dear friend and it was rejuvenating to get out of the house and spend time basically doing nothing. I didn’t have anywhere else I had to be and I turned my phone off so we could catch up without interruption.

After I got home I realized how much I needed that recharging of my spirits. Earlier this year I was laid off, along with lots of other people who are near and dear to my heart, and we are all making our way through this life change but it’s not easy. I never expected to be laid off and it certainly wasn’t something that I would have chosen but I’ve spent the summer trying to see it as a blessing. Because of this change I was able to spend more quality time with my Grandmother before she passed away. I was able to go on vacation in July to attend our family reunion in San Diego. I’ve been able to attempt to get more of the projects done around my house and I’ve spent more time with Dad, my sister, and her family. I’ve gotten more organized in my writing and I’m working to change my habits for the better. All things that I’ve put off doing in the past because I was working or because I was too tired from working.

I will admit, job hunting I could live without. There are so many great places to work but getting through some of the applications is an all day process. Logically, I know why. I helped with the hiring interviews at my previous employer and everyone is always looking for someone who will be a great fit for their job and their culture. But sometimes it feels like I’m asking Rumpelstiltskin to spin straw into gold and promising my firstborn child in payment just to get through all the requirements. Job hunting can also be very depressing when you know that you can do the job that is being offered but aren’t given the opportunity. Still, I’ll keep applying. The right job has to come along eventually. Right?

There are definite challenges to this time in my life but every day I take one more step on the path to my goals. I’ll get there. And it will be the right time and the right place when I do. Until then, I’ll continue to keep my eyes open for the inspiration, and the jobs, that surround me!