It was fantastic to be able to see the solar eclipse today. I think that events like today remind us how small a part of the universe we are. And at the same time, just how amazing the universe that we inhabit is.

The Eclipse 2017 site that Nasa put together had a live stream of the eclipse that I watched, because I never did get any solar eclipse glasses. I had plenty of time just never did remember to pick those all important glasses up. 😎The news did a great job showing the event as it happened, too. I was not lucky enough to be in a part of the country that got a totality during the eclipse but here in Colorado we got quite a show.

And after all the wonders of the solar system were past my part of the country, I met a wonderful friend for coffee! Okay, I had a peach smoothie, which was delicious, instead of coffee but I will definitely be going back to The Hanging Tree Cafe in the future.

I’m so lucky to have friends to spend some time with. They brighten up my day and share their lives. We bolster each other up, laugh at all the silly stuff that happens, and commiserate when things are going downhill. I hope that everyone knows how much I appreciate them being in my life. Things wouldn’t be the same for me without all of you. You guys are the best kind of inspiration and I’m very grateful that you are part of my life.