Had lunch today with a dear lady who always inspires me. She never gives up. She works hard every day to improve her life, take care of her kids, and be a better person than she was the day before.

While we were having lunch we had a discussion about how people can get by on charm and looks for a while but eventually they have to step up and be real. That’s when those who are filled with nothing but marshmallow fluff disintegrate. And they hurt those who care for them because of their actions. Actions they don’t even recognize as being selfish or hurtful. 

It’s hard to remember, when those choices hurt us, that we can’t control them. We can only control ourselves and the choices that we make. As my friend reminded me today:

“It’s always better to take the high road. Even when there is a tiny piece inside that wants to sink to their level.”

Just because they are fluff inside doesn’t mean that we should be. We should be working every day to improve ourselves, not letting the challenges that are part of our life diminish our strength. We are better than that because we choose to be better!