I love the rain.


The way it smells. The rhythmic sound of the drops steadily falling on the roof. The tap, tapping, as the wind blows them against the glass of the windows. It’s beautiful. I always feel refreshed after the rain. Like it somehow replenished my creative mojo while wiping the world clean. 

Eros, on the other hand, not as much a fan of the rain. Although the Cone of Shame does keep some of the drops out of his face he’s not impressed. Once the rain stops and he can play in the mud puddles he will be all over it.

Until then, he’s having a conversation with the thunder. I’m not sure what they are saying to one another but thunder crashes and he barks. Then he barks again and the thunder responds. It’s rather funny truth be told. 

So, I’ll sit here in the doorway and watch the rain while he has his conversations. It’s a glorious way to spend the evening!