I love this time of year. 

The crisp air in the morning. The changing of the seasons.  It’s amazing to me how fast time flies by. It seems like the last time I looked it was the beginning of spring and now we are getting ready to move into fall. I don’t remember the exact date that we start fall but I’m ready. 
This fall I have a plan to try and get some great photos of the colors in the mountains. I wish I could say I took the photo above but I didn’t and all credit goes to the photographer. 

Who else is ready for the fall? I know lots of people are excited about Pumpkin Spice everything but that’s never really been a favorite of mine. Now my Mom loved Pumpkin Spice creamer in her coffee. In fact this time of year is the only time she ever drank coffee was when the Pumpkin Spice creamer was out.