A friend just shared a live video of her evacuation from her home in Florida. She and her family are part of the flow of people that are moving out of the path of Hurricane Irma. I’m so grateful that she and her family are currently safe and I pray that everyone who is impacted by the hurricanes or the fires are safe as well.

I can’t be there to help out but I will continue to do my part from home. And I will continue to pray. Events like Hurricane Irma remind me that we are not in control, even though we want to think we are, and we need to pull together. We can overcome any obstacle – go over it, tunnel under it, skirt around it, or bulldoze it down – as long as we work together. And we remember that things are just things. Yes, they make life easier and we’ve gotten to a place in society where our social standing is wrapped up in the items that we can call “ours”. But the people in our lives are so much more than things. And even if we lose the items that we cherish if we still have the people we will still be amongst the wealthiest people in the world. 

Be safe everyone.