I found out last night that we have 46 Medal of Honor recipients here in town for the convention. Most of them were at the concert last night so we got to see them as they were introduced. It was awe inspiring to see these brave men and to understand the sacrifices that they have made.

Michael Thornton

I managed to take this picture when they were being introduced. The gentleman facing the camera is Medal of Honor recipient Michael Thornton. 

Then Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band took the stage. They were a ton of fun and it looked like the performers were having as much fun as the audience. I took a couple pictures but since my goal was to enjoy the concert not spend my time on my phone I only got a couple. 

I’m not sure of the female singer’s name but I do love this song! It’s always been one of my favorites.

Very Superstitious

Overall, it was an amazing night filled with great friends and a celebration of men who are the epitome of inspiring!