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Birthday ramblings

Wyland - Whale Tail

Today’s inspiration – a fabulous image created by Wyland. Some day I am going to be able to own an original of his, but for now I make do with posters and reprints. The power of his work speaks to me, no matter the format, and makes me wish that I had even a tenth of his creativity. Not that I can imagine being able to create the beautiful pictures that he does, I do much better with words, but he never fails to inspire me!

I spent much of today alone, which was an interesting way to spend my birthday. It came around a lot quicker than I imagined it would this year and I just didn’t have the energy to spend on others. I’m happy to say that the day went well, I spent the majority of it cleaning out boxes that I should have gone through ages ago. I’m not done yet, but I do feel like I’ve achieved some semblance of moving towards a clutter free existence.

LOL – not sure I will ever get to a clutter free existence, if I’m being honest with myself! But I am moving forward in my determination to de-clutter my external surroundings in the hope that it will help me to also de-clutter my mental surroundings. Clear out the cobwebs, shake loose the bats, and begin a new journey.

In the meantime, I’m continuing to write. Although the last few days entries seem more like a verbal purge of random chaos than any semblance of order, but once the purge is over and the cobwebs have blown away I’m positive that my writing will make a bit more sense. At least I certainly hope that is the case!

Today’s plan!

It’s Monday, but for me today is Friday! I’m off the rest of the week and even though my To Do list is a mile long I am looking forward to being away from the office for a while. I plan to get everything on my list done, but as I realize that is a big task I’m prioritizing by what needs done immediately! I’m tired of the way that my house looks so I’m going to be Spring Cleaning…even if it is the end of summer! 🙂

My intention is to get organized again so that when school starts in a few weeks I will be ready for anything. Including a potentially boring class and trying to balance both school work and my own individual writing. I know I can do it, I only have 3 more classes before I complete my thesis, I just need to get my head back in the right space.

 I love this picture, I wish I had taken it. It’s my inspiration for today because it just begs to be written about.

I really like how the flowers are perfectly reflected in the water and how they seem to be pointing the way to a hidden doorway. Who knows where that doorway will lead, but I’m sure it is a place filled with wonder and magic! I’d love to spend all day there…but unfortunately work calls. Since it pays the bills my wonderful writing journey will have to be slightly postponed, but at least I will be able to pick up where I left off when I get home this evening.

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