The Crossroads of Dreams and Imagination



Do you remember?


Not sure that I would delete a memory. Memories remind us of past lessons, if we don’t have the memory we don’t have the lesson. However, I appreciate when some of my more painful memories are distanced from my present by time. I may never want to forget something, but that doesn’t mean I want it to be a constant source of pain either.

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Wandering Souls

Absolutely! I only have to look at my parents, my grandparents, and my sister’s relationships to know that they exist. They have all found that certain someone that makes getting out of bed in the morning a joy – instead of a chore. I’m still searching for mine, but I have no doubt that he is out there…somewhere.

In the meantime I remain focused on reaching my own dreams. My Prince Charming will show up, no doubt when I least expect it, but I don’t intend to wait for him to save me. A knight in shining armor is great, but I prefer to know that I can save myself as well. Besides, who wants a soul mate that you have to rescue all the time. A partnership. A relationship to last a lifetime and beyond, that is what I’m looking for!

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Chapter Five: Making Magic Happen

The first sentence on page 214 says “Adding magic to others days has made me happier than any job I’d had before.”

I am trying to recreate that feeling with my writing, but haven’t quite achieved it yet. I know that my imagination may not ever reach the hearts of millions but I will continue to write and share those dreams. You can never tell what will add something magical to someone else’s day, and be extension your own!

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Travels through Time

Hmmm…that’s a tough one. I’d love to visit Victorian Europe but it would also be fantastic to go to a future time period. Not sure I would fit in to either time period but it would be phenomenal. For something a bit closer to my own era I’d love to go back in time and work with Walt Disney when he was creating Disneyland. The creativity of that man amazes me and to be part of that work would be beyond imagining.

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Rainbow's Magick

Somewhere at the end of the rainbow bluebirds fly…

Love that song! What’s at the end of the rainbow? Besides a pot of gold…hmm…I would have to say possibilities! The magick of a new beginning and the challenge of something ending. After all, who knows which end is the beginning and which is the end of the rainbow?

Rainbows remind me to hold on during a storm because there is always something beautiful coming around the corner! Rainbows just make me smile and they give my spirits a lift…who doesn’t like that!

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London during the Olympics: Tower Bridge decorated with Olympic rings

Absolutely – I’ve been watching everyday and it’s been wonderful to see all the competitions. Doesn’t matte if it’s summer or winter Olympics I love to watch them all!

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Film Adaptations

This is a hard one…generally I feel that the books are always better than the movies. There is just so much more depth in the books. One of my favorite movies of all time is Sleeping Beauty. The story and the movie just appeal to me. A more recent favorite is the Harry Potter saga – the books and the movies are just great!

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Fear No More

sunset on goulais bay…

Fear of failure. I’m a perfectionist, or at least a part of me is and I struggle to accept that my best is good enough because perfection is a myth. In the meantime I struggle to focus on the challenge and not the outcome. But every day is a new beginning and a chance to start again. It’s become a joy to experience and search for the blessings of the day, instead of focusing and worrying about the challenges.

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Yesterday…all my troubles seemed so far away.


I started my new plan to actually achieve my dream!

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