Today I am visiting the Library of Organization looking for motivation to get the chaos and clutter in my life under control. It’s January and a friend recommended a fabulous blog where she had found the January Declutter Calendar. After reviewing the site I had to admit that this looks like a plan I can actually stick with!

So I’ve printed out the calendar for January and have started on the daily tasks. I was happy to realize I had already created a Donation / Selling Station for my home previously, so that was an easy one to check off. The household binder I’ve considered making in the past but been too lazy to complete but I got it started today. So that’s two down and I got the silverware drawer cleaned out as well. I know, it’s not a ton of progress but it is progress and I am still excited so I may move on to later days as well.

The best part of this, so far, is that the idea is only to declutter in 15 minute segments. Today I’ve done more than 15 minutes but I know that there will be times when my desire to clean will be non-existent and I will appreciate the brevity of the tasks on those days. My goal is to teach myself a new habit so that once I create the calm and orderly space I am looking for that I maintain it.

I have also been scouring Pinterest for other tips, tricks, and ideas on how to get and stay organized. Take a look at the great things I’ve found so far at my Library of Organization.

And now I am off to clear some more of the clutter out of my life. As always, until next time, my fearless travel companions, enjoy the magic and the wonder that appears in your day.