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January 2017

Snow day in Colorado

All the kids in town are excited for today’s snow day. Since I had to be an adult and go to work it wasn’t as much fun for me. But I made it to and from work in one piece. Thank goodness. Of course tomorrow I’m going to need skis to reach the office. 

Tonight, I’m grateful to have a warm place to stay and food on the table. My kitty cats are snuggled up next to me and I’m sipping warm apple cider. It’s been a good day. What more can I ask for on a snowy winter’s night? 

Credit to the artist because I love it! 

The Undertaking of a New Action Brings New Strength – Richard L. Evans — The Seeds 4 Life

There is no denying the power of practice and the power of dedication. There is no denying that with consistent effort, we can all make progress. Every single time we step up to the plate and try our hardest to achieve our goals, we are making ourselves stronger. By never giving up, we are reminding…

via The Undertaking of a New Action Brings New Strength – Richard L. Evans — The Seeds 4 Life


First day of a new year and I am inspired to get back to this blog. I’m working on lots of different projects and my plans for 2017 and beyond are growing. But I’m excited. This is going to be a great year and I am going to be grateful and celebrate all the blessings that I receive every day. 

This time of year there are always quotes floating around to help those who look for them find inspiration. The image above has stuck with me the last few days so I’m taking it as a mantra and meditating on it. At least for now.

In my efforts to be fierce and brave I’ve come up with a word of the day plan. I’m not sure if it will continue to be daily words or if some times the words will linger. Who can say what the year will bring? 

                            Today’s word:  W.O.O.T.

I don’t remember where I first found this acronym but it is appropriate for today and the fresh beginnings, adventures, and opportunities of 2017. So what does W.O.O.T. mean?

                            W – Willingness

                           O – Optimism 

                           O – Objectivity

                           T – Tenacity

I am willing to make the choices and changes that will take me closer to my goals. I remain optimistic that my dreams are attainable. I believe in myself and am objective, realistic, and inspired to make 2017 a phenomenal year. Finally, I have the tenacity to keep moving forward. I may only take tippy toe baby steps but I will continue on the path to reach my goals and live my dreams. 

I hope you will join me on this journey around the sun. And I hope that all your hopes and dreams come true this year as well.

Until next time, my fearless travel companions, enjoy the magic and wonder that appears in your day.

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