To get my writing juices flowing this morning I started with a picture prompt. This picture specifically:


I didn’t take this picture, so all credit goes to the photographer. I’m not even sure where this house is, but I love the way it looks. The round tower. The wrap-around porch. The beautiful windows. And the decorations for the holiday, mostly snow covered, but that just adds to the charm.

My story for this picture took us inside, so we could be guests of this place. But which room do we stay in? And what details will be found within each room – each nook and cranny? Can you imagine staying in such a place? And what if the rooms were all magic? Or maybe not magic in themselves but what if each room lead to a different world? So many possibilities to explore and enjoy.

And there is the simpler story line of who lives there now? What kind of challenges do they have to keep the place as beautiful and functional as it looks in this picture? If this is where they live all the time where do they go on vacation? Someplace more grand – although I don’t know where that would be – or someplace simple, like camping?

We can all look at this one picture and come up with a thousand different stories. That’s how we are as people too. We are layers upon layers of decisions, choices, and consequences – not just ours but our families, our friends, and the strangers whose lives intersect with ours. And although its easy to see one picture and assume that our story is the correct one, life is never that simple. So we can’t imagine that the people that our part of our lives are simple either.

I hope that you are open to finding something new and interesting in the people in your life. You never know what amazing things might be just around the corner. Especially, within the layers that make up you!